Jamie Cullum – Don’t Stop The Music

I heard Jamie Cullum a few years ago on Pandora. I have a station set up for jazzy/blues music and one of his songs came on. I remember coming from the other room just to find out who it was and I was instantly hooked. Now I have a station on Pandora for Jamie Cullum and it has opened me up to even more.

He has such a power in his voice and piano playing. A passion for the music that is mind blowing. This song is the perfect example of that and the fact that I believe British singers do it so much better.

This is a cover of a Rihanna song and I had never heard it before I heard Jamies version of it. He brings a true talent to the song. And again a passion that can’t be mistaken. You can hear the words and when he sings them it just gives a totally different feel and emotion to the song. For me it’s more about the connection between two people then just a dance song to grind to (though nothing wrong with a little grinding), but he brings it to another level.

I hope you enjoy today selection and give a little listen to some of his other music. It is the perfect music in my opinion for a Sunday of cleaning the house. LOL Man my life is boring.

Have a great day. 🙂 Much love to you all.

P.S. Just a warning, there will more than likely be a second post today. I have something eating at me and it’s been there since Saturday night and I need all you lovelies HELP on it. :p