The one and only Michael Bublé.

The first time I saw Michael Bublé I was watching The Today Show, quite a few years back. He was on the show for Valentine’s Day and I instantly fell in love. He has an amazing voice that is so soulful and yet very playful. I have since bought every one of his cd’s, well more like downloads, and have never been disappointed. There isn’t one song that I have disliked.

I picked this song well because I haven’t met her yet, but when I do I will definitely give more than I get.

I am pretty sure a lot of you have heard of him but I wanted to give him a shout out just in case someone out there hasn’t heard of him yet. He is definitely one singer that should be in every ones collection, at least in my opinion he should be.

I hope you enjoy the video and download some of his music. I am sure you will find something of his that you will enjoy, if not all of it.

Have a wonderful day! Much love to you all. 🙂


Jamie Cullum – Don’t Stop The Music

I heard Jamie Cullum a few years ago on Pandora. I have a station set up for jazzy/blues music and one of his songs came on. I remember coming from the other room just to find out who it was and I was instantly hooked. Now I have a station on Pandora for Jamie Cullum and it has opened me up to even more.

He has such a power in his voice and piano playing. A passion for the music that is mind blowing. This song is the perfect example of that and the fact that I believe British singers do it so much better.

This is a cover of a Rihanna song and I had never heard it before I heard Jamies version of it. He brings a true talent to the song. And again a passion that can’t be mistaken. You can hear the words and when he sings them it just gives a totally different feel and emotion to the song. For me it’s more about the connection between two people then just a dance song to grind to (though nothing wrong with a little grinding), but he brings it to another level.

I hope you enjoy today selection and give a little listen to some of his other music. It is the perfect music in my opinion for a Sunday of cleaning the house. LOL Man my life is boring.

Have a great day. 🙂 Much love to you all.

P.S. Just a warning, there will more than likely be a second post today. I have something eating at me and it’s been there since Saturday night and I need all you lovelies HELP on it. :p

Into The Mystic – Van Morrison

The first time I heard this song was actually in the movie called “Immediate Family”. Eighties movie that starred Glenn Close (Linda), James Woods (Michael), Mary Stuart Masterson (Lucy), and Kevin Dillon (Sam).

Synopsis of the movie is that Linda and Michael want to adopt a baby and Lucy is a teenage girl who is pregnant by Sam. They start the process of adoption and things don’t go the way they planned.

There is a scene where Lucy is visiting Linda at their home and I can’t remember exactly, it’s been years since I’ve seen it. But, “Into The Mystic” comes on and Lucy and Linda dance in the living room together.

It was a movie that me and my girls used to watch together and that song became “our” song. Whenever we hear it we kind of give each other a knowing look. Usually they look at me with a “no, mom, please don’t”. Because every time I hear it and they are near I make them get up and dance with me. We would dance together and though they acted like they hated it, I think deep down they kind of liked it. It was a special moment that we shared and I truly appreciate those moments.

As for the song itself. Van Morrison was a true singer/songwriter that gave his soul to the music. You could tell by his voice that his physical being was a part of the song. Like he didn’t leave anything out. This song is no exception. It drew me in and made me envision sailing on a boat under the warm sun going home to my loved ones. One of the few songs that I will close my eyes and just listen to.

I hope you will enjoy this song. And when it’s playing, grab a loved one and dance together. Make a special moment. Even if they act like they don’t want to it will still make a memory.

After your are finished dancing :), share in the comments what song holds a special memory in your heart and why?

Love Me Again – John Newman

I really love this guys voice. So powerful and soulful. Amazing!

I saw him advertised on YouTube and fell in love instantly.

He is from Britain which I love. I love most everything British and I have to say the singers that come from the UK are worlds above the stuff from the US. Just my opinion do not get butt hurt about this, I don’t want to hear it.

I mean, Jamie Cullum, Rumer, and Adele. Please we can’t compete. Our music industry wants to turn them into bubble gum artist and I’m sorry not everyone in the US is 14 years old.

Anyway, this John Newman. I hope you enjoy his music and buy his music if you do!