Into The Mystic – Van Morrison

The first time I heard this song was actually in the movie called “Immediate Family”. Eighties movie that starred Glenn Close (Linda), James Woods (Michael), Mary Stuart Masterson (Lucy), and Kevin Dillon (Sam).

Synopsis of the movie is that Linda and Michael want to adopt a baby and Lucy is a teenage girl who is pregnant by Sam. They start the process of adoption and things don’t go the way they planned.

There is a scene where Lucy is visiting Linda at their home and I can’t remember exactly, it’s been years since I’ve seen it. But, “Into The Mystic” comes on and Lucy and Linda dance in the living room together.

It was a movie that me and my girls used to watch together and that song became “our” song. Whenever we hear it we kind of give each other a knowing look. Usually they look at me with a “no, mom, please don’t”. Because every time I hear it and they are near I make them get up and dance with me. We would dance together and though they acted like they hated it, I think deep down they kind of liked it. It was a special moment that we shared and I truly appreciate those moments.

As for the song itself. Van Morrison was a true singer/songwriter that gave his soul to the music. You could tell by his voice that his physical being was a part of the song. Like he didn’t leave anything out. This song is no exception. It drew me in and made me envision sailing on a boat under the warm sun going home to my loved ones. One of the few songs that I will close my eyes and just listen to.

I hope you will enjoy this song. And when it’s playing, grab a loved one and dance together. Make a special moment. Even if they act like they don’t want to it will still make a memory.

After your are finished dancing :), share in the comments what song holds a special memory in your heart and why?


One thought on “Into The Mystic – Van Morrison

  1. I Love this song. It’s so lovely. I’ve got a songbook that I could post of songs that hold a special memory in my heart. Perhaps my very special song is superstar-until you come back to me by luther vandross. I just love this version of the song it reminds me of someone very special to me who I lost many years ago. It was one of her favourite songs.

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