My plans for my little blogland

I want to make a plan for my blog. You know not just me coming on here whenever and just rambling on, which I can do, but that seems a bit of chaos. I would like to have certain days of the week mean different things.


Mondays – I share my current favorite song. Or a very meaningful song or a funny song, Whatever may trip my trigger.

Wednesday – I am thinking about picking a topic and me ramble on about it or give my opinion on it.

Friday – I would like to share a YouTuber that I follow regularly and give them a shout out. Hopefully you will like them to and follow them as well. I can give my opinion on whatever topic they are talking about, so on and so forth.


I thought about doing something everyday, but I really think that would be too much. I would miss a day and then I would pressure myself and worry and then I would quit blogging because it became more work than fun. There may be more post, who knows, but I want to at least give myself some structure to follow.

Yes, I am an organization freak, it helps me deal and makes me happy.

That is my plan and as you can tell I am already a day behind. Good job me. 🙂 But, I have the video ready to go and going to post it next.


Let me know what you think? And have a great day!!!!


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