Learning to accept me for me.

I am not talking about accepting being gay. That was a two year long process, well that was how long it took for the active process of accepting it. Do other people take that long? Or did I just over think it again.

What I am talking about is accepting all the parts of me and who I am. What brought this about? I was watching a video this morning of a polymer clay artist and it was a video of just her hands and I thought to myself, “oh man I couldn’t do that, my hands are horrible little, stubby things.” And this is something I have always thought about my hands. And my nails won’t grow and they are just these little stubby hands. 🙂 Then again being 5ft tall, can’t expect to have these really long glorious fingers.

I remember in sixth grade wanting to play the flute or clarinet and the teacher told me, “no, your fingers are too short.” I hadn’t thought they were too short for anything before today, but thank you for making that one statement stick in my brain for the rest of my life. I did find out that my fingers are not too short to play any instrument. But, I ended up playing the violin for many years. Oh how I miss it!!!

Watching this video this morning though, got me to thinking, why don’t I accept my hands? And then other parts of my body. It is far from perfect. Or at least it is far from SOCIETIES perfect.

I mean my hands aren’t completely terrible. They are actually quite talented and can accomplish some amazing things.

They can sooth a loved one with the softest of touches.They can cook pretty well. Used to be better. Lack of use has lost their touch a little. 🙂
They can bring pleasure to someone. You know!

And they can create these:

Image                        Image

*Excuse the mess of my PC table, it never gets cleaned.* Though that’s something to do today.

So even though my hands are not going to be these long, glorious, beautifully manicured hands. They’re mine and I wouldn’t give them up for the world. They are loving hands, and gentle, and they are really quite the amazingly talented little hands. And they are mine!!

One of my hands, cause the other one had to click the camera, but it is just as good. 🙂



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